&nbsp Max is a recurring character on The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. She is portrayed by Alyson Stoner.


Max is a minor character on The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. She is one of Karan and Kabir's friends. She is a tomboy and is sometimes mistaken for a boy (a running gag throughout the series).

Appearance Edit

Max has shoulder-length brown hair that is styled into two pigtails at the start of the series, in which she hides them with a cap. Later, she lets her hair loose and stops wearing her cap as well. Max's outfits are often more boyish, such as jackets and jeans but she was once shown in a dress during her date with Zack. During the later part of the series, her way of dressing becomes "girlier", and the colors of her jackets are more often than not lighter in color, rather than the usual dark colors like black and grey.


Max is portrayed as a great dancer (as shown in the episode, "Hotel Hangout"), but can become extremely bossy at times . She is very good at sports, such as basketball, and is very outgoing. While she is on relatively good terms with the twins.. Over the series, she loses her tomboyish personality and becomes much girlier, though she still retains her love for sports.

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